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The right garments to be a true business woman


To date, there are many successful women who flock to offices all over the world who, in addition to distinguishing themselves for their skills, also differ in their look.

The challenge is to convey self-confidence and authority but also feel at ease experimenting and launching trends in the world of business women’s clothing.

Unlike men, women have more choice when it comes to wardrobe even if there are some essential items. Let’s see which ones.



There is no suit without a jacket! The jacket is a very important element for example for a suit and must be of the right size, it is essential to wear one of the correct size otherwise the effect will not be what you want. In general the jacket should fall straight and the cuff should not go beyond the base of the wrist. The jacket can then be combined with both trousers and a skirt according to your preferences.


Equally essential is the shirt. It goes without saying that the shirt must be matched to the jacket in terms of color and fabric. Also in this case the fit is an important element to take into consideration. to be on the safe side just choose a classic white shirt that fits even the most elegant suits; or, if the context allows it, you can dare with some fantasies, the important thing is not to overdo it. The shirt always gives an elegant touch, the advice is to buy a tailored one. A quality cotton shirt like that of Finamore makes the difference and guarantees a perfect fit and unparalleled durability.


The trousers can be either the same color as the jacket or different, in this case you will get a broken suit. Here too the fit plays a fundamental role. If you are not practical or have an expert on the subject who can advise you, it is preferable that the trousers are of the same color as the jacket; creating a broken one can be risky if you are unfamiliar and the result can be terrible. As for the model, you can choose from a large variety: straight leg, cigarette, slim fit. The important thing is to choose a pair that highlights your physicality and that can be adapted to the context.


One element that you can play with is undoubtedly the coat. The coat is an essential garment that accompanies us in the winter months and represents a more elegant alternative to the classic jacket. The coat, in fact, goes very well with a suit and you can either prefer more classic colors or dare with more flashy patterns and colors.


The final touch is given by the shoes. Better to choose more elegant models such as décolleté (no more than 7 cm high), moccasins, which lately are very trendy in the world of women’s fashion and lace-up shoes. It is preferable to choose a comfortable heel to have greater practicality in moving and not to make your feet suffer unnecessarily.

Women’s fashion knows no bounds, you just have to open the wardrobe and show off a true business woman look!

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