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The safe investment of winter 2021? The Camel Coat like Meghan Markle

Camel Coat

Long, indeed very long, an icon of elegance and versatility, the camel coats have bewitched us once again.

When you think of camel coats, the first brand you think of and that made them a real lifestyle is Max Mara : designed to complete an office outfit, for a weekend away from home or simply for a relaxing day in the city , the brand presented the many looks and respective contexts in which to wear an iconic winter jacket that this year is back in great fashion. Meghan Markle’s must-have, pinched occasionally even worn by Kate, if it’s missing in your winter wardrobe, it’s time to choose your favorite camel coat.

Camel coats, models and colors 2021: Stradivarius, Mango, Zara

The secret why this coat manages to survive the passage of time is all in its less is more that makes it untouchable: in fact, if we look at the camel coats of the new 2021 collections, there are few differences with the models of previous years. Long, short, in teddy style and even sleeveless , its versatile and classic aesthetic is so harmonious that it knows no trend, so much so that today it appeals to all ages from a glamorous overcoat for a career woman.

Stradivarius camel coat
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Stradivarius proposes it in its version with a masculine cut , double-breasted with reverse, to be worn unbuttoned and so over and comfortable to be worn even with a suit. Perfect for those who have decided not to abandon the comfy style but to renew it in a street glam key.

– Shorter version and tending to mud instead is that of Mango : a practical model that during the autumn season can also be transformed into a warm blazer to be combined with a sweater and a shirt, proof of a perfect layered look.

Zara camel coat
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– But those looking for something decidedly new will not resist the camel coat by Zara : a reinterpretation of the classic model, whose color in a light shade and iconic cut meets a retro, screwed design, with golden buttons and a pistachio collar . You will seem to feel a bit of a hero from another era, especially if you combine it with a long skirt.

How to combine the camel coat: The looks of Meghan Markle, Cecilia Rodriguez and Chiara Ferragni

The undisputed queen of the camel coat is Meghan Markle , already very addicted to coats. On the occasion of one of the rare releases in which we have recently seen the Duchess of Sussex engaged, Meghan has aimed for her return to the scene on a camel coat without a belt, combined with a total black sheath dress, choosing a khaki-colored bag. A glamorous and sophisticated look , embellished with bright and minimal jewels.

– To suggest which colors match the camel coat, going beyond the brown and black classic with which you can be certain never go wrong, you think Cecilia Rodriguez, who wore two different models on the occasion of the new collections of Effek and Francomina , showing how the camel color goes very well also with the orange !

– To suggest the less sophisticated style, perfect for transforming our camel coat into a glamorous pret a porter could only be Chiara Ferragni : the entrepreneur in fact proposes an easy chic look , in jeans, sweater with colored decorations and very comfortable satin slingbacks pink, showing us how even a camel coat can become pop .

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