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The school backpack is the sworn enemy of the back: here’s how to avoid damage

School backpack

School backpacks must be filled according to precise criteria, especially if you want to avoid back damage. Let’s see how to proceed.

School backpacks are a fundamental accessory for the daily life of students, even the smallest ones. For this reason, avoiding overloading the baby’s back is more important than ever. Even if the school backpack load is unrelated to scoliosis, care still needs to be taken. In fact, it is possible to follow some simple rules to avoid serious consequences. So let’s try to understand how to proceed to fill the school backpack correctly.

Backpacks for school: how much it must weigh

Even if the load of school backpacks does not affect the onset of scoliosis and deformation of the spine , the weight must still be controlled. This is because too much weight can still cause problems and undermine the child’s well-being.

School backpack
School backpack

In general, it is possible to follow a general rule, namely that the school backpack must never exceed 10% of the weight of the child who carries it. Therefore, if the child’s weight is, for example, 20-30 kilos, the school backpack including books, notebooks and diary must not exceed 2-3 kilos.

Other factors must also be kept in mind, such as how long the child carries the backpack on his shoulders. In fact, backpacks are normally worn when leaving home and kept on the back all the way to school. This habit exposes the child’s body to excessive weight for a prolonged period of time, increasing the risk related to incorrect postures and other problems.

Types of school backpacks: which one to choose

Another aspect to consider is that relating to the type of backpack used. This is because many backpacks, while being beautiful and elaborate, have a high weight even when empty . It would therefore be better to choose lightweight backpacks, so as not to weigh too much on the child’s back.

In addition, during the lessons, you can assume incorrect positions both on the desk and on the chair. The school backpack also plays an important role in this case as it can prevent back pain or curvature of the spine on one side. To be really useful and functional, a school backpack should have:

– rigid backrest to avoid unloading the weight downwards
-Wide and padded shoulder straps to avoid peeling on the shoulders
-braces set at the same height to adhere well to the back

If the backpack respects these fundamental points it will be possible to avoid damage to the child’s spine, preserving his health.

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