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The secret of happiness? The Hygge lifestyle

Family in front of the fireplace

The term hygge in Danish is not just a word, but a real way of life. Let’s find out what it means and what it consists of.

The word hygge has a meaning that does not find a literal translation in our language. This term, in fact, indicates an atmosphere, a feeling of welcome and well-being, a real lifestyle. Hygge means creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere, holding a cup with a steaming drink in your hand, like a nice cup of coffee, while having a pleasant evening with friends.

This term is used both in Norway and in Denmark , which is one of the countries that has always been considered among the happiest in the world. The secret of happiness, therefore, could be contained precisely in this way of living according to the hygge style, let’s find out more.

Hygge: the Danish philosophy of well-being

At the base of the hygge style there is, as we have said, a feeling of relaxation and ease. Be comfortable with yourself, your family and your friends. Hygge means feeling welcomed, feeling good and feeling like you’ve found your place in the world.

Family in front of the fireplace
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The basic principles on which this philosophy is based can be considered: the sense of aggregation and welcome that comes from being together (as a family or even a community) and creating a welcoming situation in which everyone is able to feel in harmony with themselves and with the others.

In reality, however, what we are talking about is a real lifestyle, which should therefore be extended to all areas of daily life, so let’s see in detail on which main elements it is based.

The elements that form the hygge

The first ingredient and the basis of the hygge style is the concept of home: as a welcoming place to live and also a place to meet with friends. This is also combined with being together, creating bonds and being able to open up with others without fear of being judged.

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Hygge, however, is also comfort, understood both as feeling at ease and as comforts derived from clothing and the environment of the house itself. And last but not least, at the base of hygge there is also the relationship with light. In northern European countries and, especially in Denmark, more candles are used than in other European countries.

The use of candles intensifies especially in the months when the length of the days is reduced. Recreating a light as close as possible to natural light is therefore one of the key factors behind the hygge style, and it seems that candles are the ones that come closest to it.

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