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The smartphone to treat insomnia?

man in bed with smartphone

It may seem counterintuitive but there is a therapy to treat insomnia disorders through the smartphone. Let’s find out what it is.

Insomnia and smartphones are often associated mainly because many insomnia disorders are linked to the use of electronic devices . Today, however, there is a new solution to treat these conditions and it involves the use of a tablet or a phone. In fact, there are cases where herbal teas, sheep bills or sleeping pills have no effect. Precisely for this reason this new thought came to life that involves the use of the smartphone to treat insomnia. Let’s find out what digital therapy is and how it can cure sleep disorders.

Smartphone against insomnia

Using smartphones to treat insomnia is the founding concept of digital therapy. This new approach proposes to administer an algorithm to patients through an electronic device.

man read and smartphone
man read and smartphone

In essence, it is about delivering cognitive-behavioral therapy through a smartphone or tablet to treat insomnia and is based on the close relationship between thoughts, emotions and behaviors.

The patient will therefore have all the tools available to manage their negative emotions and beliefs , as well as the wrong perceptions of the mind. Obviously, this particular therapy that binds smartphones and insomnia must be indicated by your doctor, even if it is not a simple game.

In fact, the application of digital therapy can be associated or integrated with other treatments for sleep disorders . In this way, defeating insomnia, thanks to smartphones and medicine, will be even easier.

Basically, to be able to treat yourself, you just need to access a dedicated app , tailored to the pathological picture you are dealing with. It should also be remembered that the algorithms on which the app is based can be extended and enhanced. In this way it is possible to implement the functions of the drug, and therefore its effectiveness.

Smartphone for insomnia: in America it is a common practice

The treatment of insomnia, or other sleep disorders, using smartphones is already widely used in the United States . But even if they are more widely, they are still subjected to strict trials and tests, just like any other drug.

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In any case, the clinical applications are many more and also affect spheres such as that of learning or attention disorders. In fact, it seems that digital therapies are particularly suitable for patients between 8 and 12 years of age , obviously together with other pharmacological therapies.

In any case, the treatment of insomnia using mobile phones is now a reality. In short, the device delivers a personalized neuro-behavioral approach to the patient.

Study results and doubts

However, the effectiveness of insomnia therapies delivered with smartphones has been demonstrated and seems to reduce the amount of time taken to fall asleep and reduce the risk of waking up at night.

This would pave the way for other applications, especially for the treatment of some forms of addiction or for anticancer treatments . In Germany, for example, a computer program has been created to target people with depression. However, this project is associated with in-office psychotherapy sessions.

Even if the therapies proposed via smartphone, which treat insomnia or other ailments, seem to give good results, there are those who still have doubts. In fact, using these new solutions, what would become of the human relationship or empathy between doctor and patient?

All the more so when these new methodologies are created and applied to disorders related to the patient’s emotional sphere.

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