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The technique to improve (immediately) our look is henna for eyebrows

henna eyebrows

The ancient technique of the Middle East revolutionizes the world of make up. Eyebrow henna intensifies the look, improving the shape and thickness of our eyebrows!

Sometimes in the world of make-up the new beauty inventions are extraordinary yes, but painful or drastic. In fact, for those who want to appear beautiful but without suffering , nature always comes to our aid. This time it is henna for eyebrows, an ancient technique that acts as an alternative to microblading or tattooing.

The substance is of natural origin , it does not damage our skin and above all it gives, at low cost and in a short time, a deep look with super defined eyebrows . Let’s find out how it works and what are the advantages!

Henna for eyebrows, how it works and what the benefits are

For those who want to choose a more natural make-up before moving on to drastic and longer-term actions, eyebrow henna is the perfect technique . The ancient substance, of oriental origin, is obtained from the leaves and branches of a shrub and was used to reinvigorate the hair but also to color it.

henna eyebrows
henna eyebrows

The natural coloring powder is basically reddish and can then be diluted or pigmented according to the color of the skin and hair. It is applied with a brush on the eyebrow arch allowing you to redefine it and cover any gaps. Henna will not only cover the hair but will also dye a portion of skin , hence its long-lasting make-up effect.

The advantage of using it is also found in the fact that it allows you to try a certain eyebrow shape before moving on to other more decisive remedies ( microblading , microshading or tattoo). In short, in a single session, from the cost of € 20 or a maximum of € 40, we can have a perfectly seductive and ammagliante look !

Eyebrows with henna, how long it lasts and what are the contraindications

The henna eyebrows have a duration that varies from two weeks to a month depending on the type of skin and the products used. In fact, for a better seal, it is recommended to avoid exposure to the sun, sea water, chlorine or masks, scrubs and tonics. Yes to natural oils such as olive or almond that will not alter the color but rather make it last longer !

As for contraindications, being a natural hypoallergenic substance , it usually does not give any problem to the skin. However, just for safety and prevention, it is recommended to do a test on a small part of skin as a test. And if no irritation appears, let’s start with the most beautiful and natural make-up that the oriental tradition has left us!

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