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The traffic light diet helps you losing weight!

The traffick light diet helps you losing weight!

The traffic light diet helps you losing the excess weight and getting back in shape. Here are the foods you need to avoid and those you should eat!

Among the most fashionable diets of the moment there’s the traffic light diet. It allows to lose excess fat by avoiding all those foods that make us gain weight. You should know that there are some products that can actually burn fat.

The goal of this diet is to eliminate all those foods that makes us gain weight while choosing those that help us getting back in shape. Traffic lights have three colors: red, yellow and green, and to each color correspond a group of foods. Let’s find out how this regime works!

How does the traffic light diet work? Find out how to get back in shape!

In the red group there are all the dangerous foods you need to avoid. In the yellow one, all those products you should eat carefully and with moderation. Finally, all the healthy foods you can freely eat are contained in the green group.

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In this way, it is possible to get rid of excess weight very easily and quickly. This diet does not eliminate foods drastically, but lets you eat them all with moderation. What can you eat?

The red group contains complex carbohydrates, rice, fats, fried food, bread and alcohol. The yellow one contains wholewheat pasta, semi-skimmed milk, eggs, pork, juices and bananas. The green group contains fruit, vegetables, legumes, chicken, turkey, fish and wholewheat rice.

You should start your day with a healthy and rich breakfast. It is important also to drink a lot of water and exercise regularly. Even just walking outdoors for half an hour every day is enough.

Since this is a DIY diet, we suggest you to ask your doctor for advice before starting it.

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