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Following a vegetarian food regime can increase the risk of mental illnesses, allergies and some types of cancer.

We know our diet are fundamental for our health. Which is the best food regime to be healthy? Someone says the best one is the Mediterranean diet, while others think a vegetarian regime is better.

The fight between meat-eaters and people who avoid this food is still open. Even though a lot of doctors and scientists listed the benefits of vegetarian diets, some studies showed something that can make us change our mind.

Vegetarian diet: risks

A few years ago, scientists gave the news that meat is carcinogenic. When the World Health Organization officially listed red meats as carcinogenic substances, the fight against meat-eaters and vegetarians rose again.

However, the latter group also bear risks because of their diet. In fact, an Austrian research of the Medical University of Graz stated that vegetarians are more at risk of contracting mental illnesses, allergies and some types of cancer than meat-eaters.

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Vegetarians: health problems

Austrian scientists analyzed the data of 1.320 people. 330 were vegetarians, 330 meat-eaters who also ate a lot fruit and vegetables, 330 people who ate few meat and 330 “heavy” meat-eaters.

By studying their diets, scientists tried and collected information about their health conditions. The outcomes showed that those on a vegetarian diet drank alcohol less often and had a lower BMI than other groups. Nonetheless, their psychophysical situationwas definitely worse than the others.

In particular, they showed a higher predisposition to allergies and psychiatric diseases, such as anxiety and depression. Moreover, vegetarians suffered more from tumors, at least for some types of cancer.

Vegetarian diet: risks

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In short, even the vegetarian diet has some side effects. However, scientists will go on with this study, because there is no connection between cause and effect. Moreover, other factors may have influenced the research.

The study also found out that vegetarians don’t go often to their doctors, even if they have health problems. Other studies are needed to confirm the current outcomes.

Photo source: https://pxhere.com/it/photo/669281, https://pxhere.com/it/photo/1449235

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