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The watermelon diet is perfect for the summer and also slims up to 5 kg!


Losing weight is simple and delicious with the watermelon diet: how much you lose weight, how it works and everything you need to know!

Watermelon diet works if you know how to follow it, and is a perfect diet to lose weight during the summer, a weight loss program which is based on the summer fruit par excellence!

Also called the watermelon diet, the main food of this regime is the much loved fruit that is consumed especially in the hottest time of the year, and think that you can even get to lose weight of 5 kg!

Let’s find out more!

The watermelon diet: menu

If you want to follow this diet, rest assured: you must not eat only watermelon! Let’s see a hypothetical daily menu:

Summer diet
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Breakfast : tea without sugar and a fruit salad with fresh fruit and watermelon.

Snack : a few pieces of watermelon.

Lunch : whole wheat pasta with cherry tomatoes.

Afternoon snack : a slice of watermelon.

Dinner : steamed fish and grilled vegetables or salad.

As you can see, watermelon is offered for snacks and for breakfast , while vegetables, white fish, white meat, carbohydrates, integrals and light cooking are recommended for the two main meals. Avoid fried food, alcohol, seasonings and too much salt. Also, drink two liters of water a day!

If you want, then, in the morning you can try a watermelon smoothie, fresh and refreshing, it will make you start your day.

The benefits of watermelon


Yes, you got it right, watermelon makes you lose weight thanks to its high slimming power, the large amount of mineral salts and water, but also to the very few calories contained in 100 g, which are just 15!

It also contains vitamins of group A, C and B and many carotenoids, which improve tanning by guaranteeing a perfect tan , and which protect the skin from sunlight.

But it does not end here : this fruit is also able to prevent hypertension, heart disease and blood cholesterol, as well as swelling of the belly and legs . Not only perfect for a low-calorie diet, therefore, we are facing a real superfood !

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