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The world of Christian Louboutin arrives in Milan, in an elegant temporary boutique

Louboutin shoes

Wherever you are, if you love Christian Louboutin, the French king of the red sole, going to Milan for his temporary boutique is essential.

Christian Louboutin could not have chosen a better time than that of fashion week to inaugurate his first temporary boutique in Milan : luxury shoes with the red sole of the French brand, a forbidden dream starting with the price for every woman. However, dreaming costs nothing, and surely getting lost in what is Louboutin’s miniature world can only cost you a trip to Milan, if you are not already there.

Yes, because, in this precious 90 square meter cave , where everything is dyed red – from the shoes to the walls without sparing even the velvety floor of course – there is the desire to give those who enter a real Louboutin experience that takes its name by Loubi Milano .

Christian Louboutin in Milan: Loubi Milano, the temporary boutique

So there are all the elements that the Louboutin addicted know by heart: red , a welcoming space characterized by arches that welcome cult and latest trend models, between spaces, boiserie and decorations made directly on the walls. The entrance is triumphal, with papier-mâché lemurs where the Christian Louboutin sign hangs.

Red brushstrokes with a work in progress effect decorate white walls, with arched paintings where inside there are shoe models designed by Louboutin himself: being the first Louboutin boutique in Milan, there is the intent to charm those who already know the brand and to introduce in this red world of class, luxury and elegance, those who enter it for the first time, offering an unforgettable shopping experience .

A Parisian-style brass chandelier with ball lights, covered with white and red tassel fringes, is just one of the many touches of class that can be admired in the boutique, where the stairs inside, flanked by walls where writings appear of measurements and work notes, they become exhibitors. Everything gives the illusion of something still under construction, but above all the essence and attention to detail that craftsmanship requires: the same that is the trademark and signature of Louboutin shoes.

Loubi Milano, where the French brand’s temporary boutique is located

If you can’t wait to be enchanted by the world of Christian Louboutin and try at least one pair of shoes in this small, refined and selfie-proof red-dyed world, the address where you can find the temporary boutique in Milan is at n ° 4 of Via Borgospesso. Due to its structure and details, the store is intended as a tribute to the first store opened by Louboutin in 1991 in Paris in Galerie Vero Dodat .

Outside the shop there is also a small cart ready to give you sweets for an unforgettable Breakfast at Louboutin : what better time to start the day with the best energy immersed in so much beauty, and maybe one day treat yourself to the most chic and sensual shoes in the world .

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