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Thick eyebrows: the tricks to have them perfect


Having thick eyebrows is a dream for many. Find out how to get great results with a few simple gestures.

Thick brows are the dream of many. If well cared for, they help to define the look , give character and accentuate natural beauty. To obtain a satisfactory result, however, it is necessary to make a commitment and take care of them in different aspects ranging from lotions to make them grow more and faster to tricks to fix them in order to give them an image more similar to the desired one.
Let’s find out in both cases what are the rules to follow.

Thick eyebrows: how to make them grow

There are several remedies that can help take care of your eyebrows, giving them more body and volume. One of these is to apply castor oil in the evening, before going to sleep, combing them carefully so that it penetrates every point.


Coconut oil is also an excellent remedy, thanks to the vitamin E and minerals it contains.

If you prefer a grandmother’s remedy, you can instead try egg yolk, to be applied a couple of times a week, keeping it on the eyebrows for about twenty minutes.

Finally, including foods rich in Omega 3 in your diet is certainly a good help for your eyebrows and health.

How to have thick eyebrows: the routine

While you are expecting to have thicker eyebrows, there are some tricks you can use to make them look better. Here are some useful tips:

Say goodbye to tweezers. The first rule to follow for thicker eyebrows is to put the tweezers aside. Sometimes the desire to arrange them here and there leads to prevent their growth and to obtain an effect full of empty spaces.

Comb them correctly. Combing the eyebrows from bottom to top helps make them appear fuller as well as more defined. Among other things, they will also be given the right shape to make them grow at their best.

Make them up. Another technique that can be used while waiting is to fill in the spaces with a special pencil. By choosing a shade of the same color as the eyebrows and being careful not to overdo it, you can in fact get a good result. An effect that can also be achieved by opting for the gel to tint the eyebrows .

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