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This is the secret for a perfect skincare – you will not believe it!

This is the secret for a perfect skincare - you will not believe it!

What if our skincare was wrong all along? The secret for a cleaner face is…

We have heard of the best products on the market such as day and night creams. We collected information about the best brands, but maybe we were not thinking about a small detail, fundamental for our skincare. This hack comes directly from Asia, and we know how much Asian women care about their look. The secret everyone was waiting for for a perfect skincare is sparkling water!

Sparkling water skincare routine

Each type of skin requires its specific products and particular care, because we have different needs. However, sparkling water seems to be perfect for everyone.

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According to the American dermatologist Dendy Engelman, sparkling water helps to remove black spots and to deeply clean your pores. This type of water can give skin nutrients and oxygen, guaranteeing brightness and tone. To improve our skin look, we can also use some remedies to easily remove blackheads and have a face mask at least once a week.

This hack could be useless, but there’s no harm in trying. Of course, your skin look would improve only if you use the right products, since water would give little help. Who knows, maybe this Asian girls’ hack can help us too!

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