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This is why it is convenient to install an office water dispenser


Water is the essential element to hydrate the body.

Doctors, in fact, recommend drinking on average at least 2 liters of water every day , with frequent sips throughout the day. It is obvious that one must also drink during work hours, indeed, especially during work. In fact, even if you do not perceive an excessive sense of thirst, the lack of hydration affects productivity and attention in the office. It is precisely for this reason, and more generally in order to guarantee greater protection to the worker, that the legislator has imposed on employers to compulsorily install instruments aimed at providing workers with drinking water in their offices or companies.

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What is the office water dispenser

An optimal solution that guarantees employees a constant supply of water is certainly the so-called office water dispenser . This type of dispenser connects directly to the water mains, and through a filtration system and UV rays, purifies the water by removing impurities and bacteria . It is a very simple tool to use, which guarantees the presence of water with a pleasant taste and the right temperature. In fact, the dispensers are able to supply not only still or sparkling water , but also cold water to quench your thirst even in summer or hot, ideal for the preparation of infusions and herbal teas even during working hours.

The advantages of the water dispenser

Installing a water dispenser at workplaces really offers several advantages. First of all, as already mentioned, the ability to offer water with a simple click, directly after connecting the instrument to the water system. Each employee, then, can use their own glass or water bottle, saving money on the purchase of plastic bottles , with a lower impact on the environment. Without considering that in this way it is also possible to guarantee better hygiene in the workplace.

Furthermore, leaving bottles around the office can give an impression of clutter and neglect of the working environment. The water dispenser, in addition, has a very practical and elegant design , and adapts to any office, as it requires little space, and also avoids the space necessary for the storage of water bottles, essential if you choose to use a bottle dispenser. Furthermore, it should be noted that some dispensers, such as the Culligan office water dispensers , are even equipped with contactless technology . This means that direct contact with the buttons already touched by others is not needed to deliver the water, and this is a further point in favor, especially in this period, during which all the necessary measures must be taken to avoid coronavirus contagion. . Leaving aside the benefits for employees, offering a glass of water to your customers from a water dispenser rather than a bottle is certainly an extra care. Finally, it should be emphasized that thanks to this particular tool, it is possible to have unadulterated and microbiologically safe water available at any time.

Maintenance of the dispenser

One of the points in favor of using a water dispenser connected to the water supply is maintenance. This device, in fact, is designed to last over time, without the need for many routine maintenance interventions to preserve its functionality. Which means, in simple terms, that buying such a product means not having to have particular thoughts or worries due to wear etc. If you opt for models without water bottles, in general, you simply need to change the filters, to avoid the accumulation of bacteria, every 6 or 12 months, depending on the different models. Obviously it is always advisable to read the instruction sheet carefully or ask for detailed information from the retailer.

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