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Thrombosis: the symptoms to recognize it in time

leg pain

Thrombosis: do you know the symptoms that it is important to learn to recognize in time? Let’s see them all and find out how to behave.

Thrombosis has symptoms that are quite simple to recognize. However, it often happens that these are ignored or underestimated as they are very common with many less serious and worrying diseases. For this reason, when you are afraid of being able to encounter a venous thrombus, it is always good to keep yourself monitored and do good prevention by taking care of your lifestyle.

Venous thrombosis: the symptoms to recognize

Thrombosis occurs when clots form that obstruct the veins and which, depending on where this occurs and when they are discovered, can be more or less serious.

leg pain
leg pain

For this reason it is always very important to learn to recognize it, taking into account the fact that even for deep vein thrombosis the symptoms are more or less the same. Among the best known are:

– Feeling of heat in the affected area
– Pain in a vein
– Persistent migraine
– Sense of burning
– Numbness of a limb
– Visibly hard and / or swollen vein
– Temperature
– Tachycardia

In the presence of one or more symptoms it is therefore very important to be monitored and to notify your doctor or, in case of fever, pain and swollen veins, go to the emergency room.

It is good to keep in mind that thrombosis can occur anywhere but tends to affect the legs more. In the case of thrombosis in the leg, the symptoms are always the same but all concentrated in the affected limb. Since a thrombus in the leg if not taken in time can also have serious consequences such as a stroke or pulmonary embolism, prevention is always the most desirable choice.

How to avoid the risk of thrombosis

Whether it is thrombosis in the leg or in other areas of the body, there are several precautions you can take to prevent the problem. First, it is important to exercise and maintain a weight in line with one’s physical.

It is also preferable to avoid smoking and alcohol and follow a healthy diet, free of saturated fat and salt. A bit like the one to keep before and after the Covid vaccine . It is also important to always stay well hydrated. So is taking care of your health.

In fact, thrombosis generally tends to occur in those with severe circulation problems and in those who take drugs. All combined with smoking and a sedentary lifestyle. By following the advice of your doctor and taking care of yourself, therefore, you can really do a lot.

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