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Thursday dumplings! But not just any gnocchi… they are those of Squid Game!


Preparing tteokbokki, glutinous rice dumplings with incredible spiciness is really simple following our recipe.

Tteokbokki are glutinous rice dumplings that are very popular in Korean cuisine . There is no street food stall that does not offer its own version, but what binds them all is a discreet, perhaps even excessive for our palates, spiciness . Among the various traditional recipes, we have selected the simplest but at the same time tasty.

To prepare tteokbokki, the ingredients you need are Korean chili paste (or Harissa), gochugaru (Korean chili flakes, replaceable with chili flakes), kombu seaweed, soy sauce and dried anchovies. You can also serve tteokbokki, Korean rice dumplings, with hard-boiled eggs but what you really can’t miss is the sprinkling of sesame seeds. Let’s find out together how they are prepared.


How to make tteokbokki with the original recipe

  1. First we prepare homemade tteokbokki. In fact, these rice dumplings are difficult to find outside the big cities so here’s how to proceed: in a bowl, mix the rice flour with 125 ml of water until it forms a dough.
  2. Leaving it in the container, steam it for an hour making sure to also put a lid on.
  3. Let it cool completely then knead by hand in order to obtain a soft and easily workable dough.
  4. Form cylinders of half a centimeter in diameter and then cut them into pieces of about 4 cm with an oblique cut.
  5. Pour the remaining water into a pot, add the anchovies and the seaweed and let it boil for 10 minutes.
  6. Then remove the seaweed, add the chilli paste , soy sauce , sugar and chilli flakes.
  7. Drop the gnocchi and cook for 15 minutes or until they are tender and the sauce thickened.
  8. Serve with hard-boiled eggs , a sprinkling of sesame seeds and the green of the chopped spring onion .

If you want to experiment with another Korean recipe then try the dalgona biscuit , also the protagonist of Squid Game.

You can also prepare tteokbokki with the non-spicy recipe by omitting the two “offending” ingredients, namely the pasta and the chilli flakes. In their place you can add a couple of tablespoons of tomato paste and sweet paprika . Clearly the flavor will not be the same because the chili paste is very tasty and spicy, however you will get some respectable non-spicy tteokbokki.


Korean dumplings should be eaten freshly made. However, if you have any leftovers, you can keep them in the refrigerator for a couple of days and reheat them in a pan before consuming them.

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