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Thyroid nodules: how to tell if you have iodine deficiency


Iodine deficiency is one of the causes that increases the mass of the thyroid nodules. Let’s see what to do in these cases.

One of the problems that most affects adult individuals are thyroid nodules and, in general, all pathologies connected to this gland. The treatment and prevention of thyroid disease are essential, which is why it is important to take the right amounts of iodine . In any case, thyroid nodules and related diseases have a higher incidence in women, with an increase in the presence of nodules in individuals between 40 and 50 years of age .

As we have anticipated, the formation of thyroid nodules, or other small lesions, is linked in particular to the lack of iodine in the diet , even if the latter is present in many of the foods we consume. Let’s try to understand why iodine is so important and what to do about the presence of thyroid nodules.

Thyroid nodules: the causes

Iodine is one of the most important and useful elements for our body, essential for the proper functioning of the thyroid . Its importance is due to the fact that thyroid hormones are largely composed of iodine.

Thyroid size
Thyroid size

Variations in the amount of iodine in our body can cause major problems. For example, if there is a lack of this element, the thyroid tends to grow and form nodules.

However, it should be borne in mind that most of these formations are small in size and are discovered almost randomly , in the absence of symptoms or other signs.

Furthermore, it is not certain that the identified nodules are necessarily tumors, in fact, according to experts, the majority of these formations have a low aggressiveness .

In any case, the thyroid is one of the glands most easily affected by autoimmune diseases , which is why it is essential to check the body’s TSH values, which are useful to understand if you suffer from hypo or hyper thyroidism.

During the period of pregnancy, the body’s need for iodine increases. Responding with adequate iodine intake is vital for the proper formation of the fetus . In fact, the latter needs this element to regulate its thyroid and safely develop the nervous system.

How to avoid the formation of thyroid nodules?

To avoid thyroid nodules, in addition to undergoing periodic checks, it is good to follow some rules. Keeping thyroid function under control is in fact one of the best ways to prevent unpleasant and dangerous pathologies.

Here are some tips:

-Consume iodized salt regularly, both coarse and fine, but without exaggerating or you risk hypertension
-If you have bumps on your neck or if you feel sudden and unexplained fatigue, weight gain and slow heart rate, you are probably in pain. of hypothyroidism.
-We are instead in the presence of hyperthyroidism with symptoms such as agitation, tachycardia and anxiety . In any case, it is always essential to consult your doctor.
– Parameters such as cholesterol and triglycerides must also be monitored because they could be indicators of problems related to the gland, including thyroid nodules
-The thyroid hormone is a full-fledged drug and therefore should only be used on prescription. Taking the hormone for do-it-yourself therapies is highly discouraged because it does not accelerate the metabolism . Furthermore, intervening on the functioning of the thyroid, especially if it is normal, is dangerous for health.

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