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This plant has thousands of benefits for our health: it has soothing, anti-flu and healing properties. Here are the properties and side effects of tilia!

Tilia is a plant very common in Europe. Due to its many beneficial properties, it is widely used in phytotherapy as a natural method against different health problems. he flowers and leaves of this plant are rich of amazing substances. Let’s learn something more about it!

Tilia: properties

This plant has always been used to heal problems such as headaches, insomnia and anxiety. It has relaxing properties, therefore it is perfect to promote sleep and get rid of stress. Its soothing actionalso helps lowering the blood pressure and relaxing your nervous system.

As a trabquilizer, tilia is very useful for irritable bowels, digestive problems and headaches, especially if they are caused by tension. Researchers also proved this plant helps relieving flus and inflammations. Its content of vitamin C helps preventing seasonal diseases and lowering fever. Tilia is also very useful to fight cough and sore throat.

External uses of this plant

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Tilia gels and ointments have interesting properties. They can soothe burnings and reddenings, tone the skin up and soothe dermatitis and skin problems. If you prepare tilia compresses for your eyes, you can get rid of the eyebags!

You can also prepare a footbath: it is perfect to reduce the leg and foot swellings! Finally, this plant has healing properties: you can use it to cure small wound and skin lesions.

How to prepare a tilia herbal tea

In order to benefit of all its properties, there is nothing better than a herbal tea. Pour a tablespoon of tilia leaves and flowers in a cup of boiling water. Let infuse for 10 minutes, then filter. You can drink it at night, to promote sleep and relax, or when you most need it, in case of anxiety, tension or flu.

Side effects

Aside from people suffering of allergies, there are no particular side effects. However, if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, ask your doctor before taking this plant. If you use tilia too much, you can suffer from mild side effects, like diarrhea and rash.

Photo source: https://pixabay.com/it/photos/linden-verdi-ramo-tiglio-albero-2485482/

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