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Time to preserve? The recipe for sliced ​​aubergines in oil never disappoints

Aubergine fillets in oil

Aubergines, oil, vinegar and lots of love: these are the basic ingredients of the aubergines fillets in oil … now there is only the recipe to try to make them at home!

This is the preserve that everyone craves when there are so many aubergines in the garden and you no longer know how to cook them. Not only that, they are a preservation method that makes them juicy and tasty , so if you have never tried this recipe for aubergines in oil fillets, we advise you to immediately run for cover and prepare a few jars for the winter! You won’t need much, just vinegar, oil, obviously aubergines and a few other ingredients to flavor them .

What are we waiting for, pull out all the vegetables you have in your pantry and let’s start working !

Aubergine fillets in oil
Aubergine fillets in oil

Preparation of aubergines fillets in raw oil

  1. First, cut the ends of the aubergines and remove the peel with a knife or a peeler.
  2. Now cut the vegetable into strips and soak them in a large bowl where you have previously poured the water, vinegar, and a handful of fine salt.
  3. Leave your aubergines to macerate for about 12/24 hours in this liquid.
  4. The next day, start by sterilizing the glass jars where you will host the vegetables.
  5. At this point, carefully squeeze the aubergine fillets from the maceration liquid and fill the glass jars with the vegetables, alternating it with a mince of fresh mint, chilli and garlic .
  6. When the jars are full, cover them with a layer of oil and close them carefully with the lid.
  7. Put the glass containers to boil in order to create the vacuum and put your preserves in the pantry.

And here is one of the most delicious ways to preserve aubergines , we are sure you will love it!

Pan-seared aubergine fillets in oil: the variant

To make this second version you will need to blanch the aubergines in a pot with water and vinegar. Put a pot on the stove with one part of vinegar and two parts of water (for example 2 liters of water and 1 of white wine vinegar), when it comes to a boil, throw the aubergines into fillet and drain when the water resumes boiling. If you have many aubergines to blanch, repeat the step two or three times so as not to add too many aubergines at a time by lowering the temperature of the water and vinegar too much.


The recipe for aubergine fillets in oil will guarantee you can enjoy this vegetable for several months . You just have to remember to keep the jars sealed in the pantry, in a cool and dry place. Once opened, keep the jar in the refrigerator and consume it within about 1 week .

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