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Tingling in the hands at night, why it happens and how to prevent this problem

tingling hands

Tingling is an unpleasant sensation that can also indicate more serious problems. Here’s what causes it and how to behave.

You will certainly have experienced a tingling sensation in your hands or feet during the night that forces you to wake up. Know that it is a very common discomfort, which occurs for very different causes. Tingling in the hands itself is not serious, but if it occurs often and causes pain, it can indicate something more serious. To be sure of this, you need to find out what causes the numbness, whether it is related to your sleeping position or is it of another nature. So let’s see what causes tingling in the hands at night and what its remedies are.

Tingling in the hands at night: the causes

One of the main causes of tingling in the hands at night is certainly the carpal tunnel, especially if the affected area is between the thumb, index and middle finger. It is a disease that affects the median nerve which puts pressure on the wrist and causes pain and immobility.

tingling hands
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Carpal tunnel sufferers often feel tingling in their hands at night, their hands fall asleep and may even lose sensation . Furthermore, doing little physical activity or eating a poor diet can cause water retention, which in turn can cause numbness. Nutrition plays a fundamental role when it comes to tingling hands at night.

In fact, this problem can be caused by a lack of vitamin B. Having too low levels of this element causes tiredness, drowsiness, paleness, tachycardia and, in fact, numbness and tingling in the hands. However, if the problem were to worsen, perhaps extending to the whole arm or giving twinges and pain, it could be a symptom of pathologies connected with the circulation and the heart.

Tingling in the hands at night: the remedies

To avoid tingling hands at night one of the most effective remedies, and with immediate effects, is to add vitamin B to the diet. In this case, the best allies are tuna, bananas and all green leafy vegetables. It is also possible to buy supplements at the pharmacy, but it is always best to consult your doctor before doing so.

Again with regard to nutrition, we can say that eliminating salt and acidifying drinks will help you avoid inflammation. Another practice, confirmed by several studies, is to drink a tablespoon of flaxseed oil before bed. This food has inflammatory properties that act on the limbs and joints that relieve the feeling of numbness.

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Another useful ally against tingling hands at night is hydration, but to avoid water retention it is recommended to consume other liquids. Maybe an infusion of artichokes , so as to exploit the diuretic and purifying properties of this food. To do this, just boil two artichokes and a lemon in water and then filter. Finally, to relieve inflammation and avoid tingling at night, you can immerse your meni in cold water, perhaps also adding ice, to reduce pressure and relieve pressure on the nerves.

Tips and habits to avoid tingling at night

As we have seen, the tingling in the hands at night is due to the pressure that builds up on the nerves and wrists. In fact, this area often tends to overload , especially if manual work is carried out or if, as in this period, the computer is used for some time. These movements have negative effects on the nerves, capillaries and muscles of the hands, coming to hurt at night, or when they are able to release the accumulated pressure.

Therefore it is recommended to do simple stretching exercises, even during the break at work, so as to relax the nerves of the hands. Furthermore, if you have to use your wrists for many hours, we recommend the use of a brace or a rigid wristband . These will help to exert the right pressure and thus it will be possible to protect joints and nerves, avoiding tingling in the hands at night.

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