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Tingling in the hands: what can this depend on and what are the possible treatments

Tingling in the hand

Tingling in the hands: here are the most common causes and how it is best to move to find a remedy.

Tingling in the hands is a fairly common problem that appears to affect at least 75% of the population . It is a situation that originates from the nerves and that can often indicate problems that it is important to deal with in time. So let’s find out what it is more specifically and when to worry.

Tingling in the hands: the most common causes and which are important to know

Whether it is tingling in the hands at night or simple tingling in the fingers, this sensation, different from pain but still annoying, is part of the paresthesias and can represent a wake-up call for the nerves involved.

Tingling in the hand
Tingling in the hand

Among the causes there can be several, some quite simple to treat and others that should be investigated. Among the best known are:

– Cervical problems.
– Stressful jobs for the nerves (tailors, bartenders, musicians, etc…).
Muscle contractures .
– Bone cysts or calluses.
– Incorrect and prolonged postures.

There are also pathologies that can lead to tingling in the fingers and hands in general. Among these, we remember Raynaud’s syndrome , Dupuytre’s contracture, De Quervain’s syndrome, etc …

In the presence of this problem it is therefore very important to consult your doctor immediately in order to understand its exact origin and thus find the most suitable treatment .

How to cure tingling in the hands in a decisive way

To implement a cure that is as effective as it is decisive, it is essential to know the cause that triggers the tingling in the hands. If the origins are physical, the solution is almost always of the physical therapy type. Through exercises , work on posture and other methods to avoid nerve pain, you can in fact have relief and even heal.

In case of problems related to a pathology, it is important to keep it under control. To do this, it will therefore be necessary to first of all take care of following the doctor’s instructions for treatment and also associate any physiotherapy exercises. In this way you can be sure to avoid as much as possible the unpleasant sensation of the fingers that tingle continuously.

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