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Tingling in the head: what are the causes and what to do when it occurs

woman with head discomfort

The tingling sensation in the head can relate to different areas of the same and has different origins that it is always good to investigate. Let’s find out the most common and how to remedy them.

When you suffer from tingling in the head, the underlying causes can be different. Typically, the sensation of head asleep, as it also occurs in the limbs, can indicate a momentary pressure of a nerve or a momentary problem with the same. Since it is the head , however, it is good to try to understand its origins immediately in order to avoid complications, even important ones.

What are the main causes of tingling in the head

It is more than normal for tingling in the head and anxiety to travel together. After all, it is an important area of ​​the body and very close to the brain.

woman with head discomfort
woman with head discomfort

Before you get alarmed, however, it is important to know that, although annoying, chills in the head or tingling in the scalp can be normal and temporary.
Having said that, in the presence of tingling in the head on the left or right side it is good to talk to your doctor and try to understand its origins. Among the many there may be:

– Cold


– Stress

– Diabetes

– Epilepsy

– Autoimmune diseases such as fibromyalgia or rheumatoid arthritis

– Nerve infections

– Use of drugs

– Hypertension

– Use of drugs

– Hypothyroidism

– Wrong posture

– Vitamin B12 deficiency

– Brain tumors

– Aneurysm

– Stroke

Although the latter are rare causes, it is important to seek immediate medical attention (or the emergency room if symptoms such as confusion or the like are added to the tingling) to immediately exclude them from the list.

Burning and tingling in the head: how to fix it

Whether it’s a tingling in the forehead or specific sides of the head, the sensation is always very annoying. As already mentioned, the first thing to do when these symptoms occur is to seek medical attention.
Having said that, in most cases, these are transient symptoms that can be resolved by working on posture, avoiding severe stress , doing more physical activity, and treating any pathologies found during the medical examination.

The important thing is to always make sure that it is not something dangerous. Especially if you have never suffered from the problem and are experiencing it for the first time.

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