Blond hair

Avoid the hat and hairstyling products, but not only … Here’s how to keep your hair clean for longer!

Between smog, dust and pollution, keeping your hair clean can be a very difficult task. Fortunately, there are methods to avoid this and, therefore, keep your hair clean and (almost) perfect. After shampooing, all we have to do is respect the rules so that we don’t get our hair dirty in no time. If we cannot afford to wash our hair every other day, especially if we have oily skin , we cannot avoid these precautions… Here are what!

Blond hair
Blond hair

Don’t touch your hair too much

Almost all of us have the habit of arranging our hair continuously to avoid showing off hairstyles out of place: after having washed them, in reality, if we always go to touch them, we risk getting them dirty more easily ! Let’s avoid, therefore, to go and put our hands on it and try to create a hairstyle, which is also a smooth fold, so as not to have to fix it every time.

Beware of pillowcases and hats

Sleeping in bed
Sleeping in bed

Unfortunately, any type of hat easily dirties the skin: therefore, we avoid wearing it after shampooing in order to keep the hair clean for longer! We have not said that you will no longer be able to wear hats and caps, but of course you will have to use them sparingly so as not to risk getting them greasy and dirty ahead of time.

You must take the same care with the pillowcases: in fact, you will have to change it often to keep it always fresh and clean. In fact, the pillowcase comes into contact every evening (and throughout the night) with our hair , both just after a relaxing shower but also after a whole day outside where the hair is subjected to atmospheric agents and smog. All these factors then pour into the pillow and the pillowcase: if it is not changed often in fact it risks dirtying the hair much sooner than necessary.

Don’t stress your hair

In this case it is intended not to bind them and not to excessively use lacquers, waxes and gels. The best choice would be to leave the hair loose, avoiding ponytails or particular braids , and not using other products. If we have done, for example, a wavy fold and want to keep the hairstyle for a long time, better not to use the hairspray! Unfortunately, hairstyling products get your hair dirty more easily, especially if they are of low quality or used incorrectly.

Healthy nutrition

A poor diet can greatly affect the health of the hair: due to unhealthy foods or vitamin deficiencies, the hair can get dirty more easily and the skin can become much greasier due to an above-normal production of sebum. In addition to nutrition, a healthy lifestyle is always recommended, made up of almost daily sports and movement.

Get your hair done right

Comb your hair
Comb your hair

The method of combing can also make a difference in this case, and allow you to keep your hair clean for longer. How? The correct method is to distribute the sebum evenly from the scalp to the tips: to do this we recommend combing the hair upside down, starting from the nape of the neck and then reaching the forehead. Furthermore, the correct technique is to start combing the sides and then move on to the top of the head.

One last tip: do not rub the roots with the brush too aggressively , you could stimulate the production of sebum and therefore frustrate all your work for a lasting cleaning of the hair.

If even with these methods the hair does not stay clean longer, then we can opt for homemade dry shampoo : in this way, we do not have to resort to washing with shampoo and water and camouflage the problem for at least another two days.

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