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Tired and in a bad mood? Maybe you suffer from this nutritional deficiencies

Tired and in a bad mood? Maybe you suffer from this nutritional deficiencies

Let’s find out which are the food that can’t miss in your diet, in order to avoid dangerous nutritional deficiencies that bring stress and bad mood.

If it is true that we are what we eat, we need to understand that stress and tiredness can come from our diet. When it is not balanced, we can suffer from nutritional deficiencies that have, among their symptoms, stress, weakness, and also depression. Here how to avoid this problems!

The most common symptoms

Serenity comes from food, too. It is not just a cliché: many macro-nutrients act on our brain and on our nervous sytem, helping us feeling well also on a mental level. However, if we have nutritional deficiencies, these benefits disappear.

It is fundamental to understand which are these substances helping our good mood, in order to avoid chemical unbalances in our brain that can cause depression and tiredness. Following, you will find the deficiencies that can cause these symptoms.

Omega 3

These fatty acids are fundamental for our body, that unfortunately does not produce them. Therefore, we need to take them through our diet. In order to fight tiredness and mood problems, eat oily fish, that is rich in omega 3.


This mineral acts on our brain, helping producing some neurotransmitters. This means it is involved in everything that has to do with mood: just a bit of dark chocolate, that is rich in zinc, can help you boost your morale! Other sources are spinach and pumpkin seeds.

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Other than being fundamental for the right functioning of our muscles, magnesium can help fighting mild depression and chronic tiredness. You can take into with dried fruits (almonds and walnuts, most of all), green leaf vegetables and soy flour.

B group vitamins

They are very important for our health, because they help the right functioning of our nervous system. Different studies proved that a B group vitamin deficiency highly influences our mood. You can find them especially in red meat, green leaf vegetables and seafood.


This substance act on our thyroid, therefore it has amazing benefits for our mental health. You can find it in pork, tuna and oysters.

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