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Tired and weak? Here’s what to eat to boost your energies

Weak and tired? Here’s what to eat to boost your energies

Let’s see together the best energy-boosting foods to eat if you feel tired and say goodbye to stress and tension.

Seasonal changes, hectic jobs and a lack of sleep make you feel always tired. Even if you sleep seven or eight hours per night, it happens that you wake up feeling already weak. The reason? A bad diet and too much stress.

In order to fight lazyness and fatigue, you can use some energy foods that will change your lives. Do not think about coffee! In fact, you should avoid it and choose healthier alternatives. Fruits, vegetables and super foods will be your major allies in the most stressful periods. Here are the best foods to eat daily to boost your energies!

Energy foods against tiredness

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When you want to eat a snack, choose fresh or dried fruit. For example, in summer you can eat apricots, peaches, figs and blueberries. They are rich in vitamins, mineral salts and antioxidants.

If you like dried fruit the most, choose almonds and walnuts. They are perfect to naturally boost our energies! Moreover, they are rich in mineral salts and help replenishing the nutrients lost with sweat.

Energy smoothies are also a good choice. Prepare a kiwi and blueberry smoothie: it contains a lot of vitamins and you will not feel tired anymore. Or you can choose a mix of walnuts and bananas, together with soy milk.

Super foods: natural energizers

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Have you ever heard of the umeboshi plums, an apricot variety growing in China and Japan? They are very good to boost the body’s energies. If you eat them regularly, they will help you eliminating excess acids which cause fatigue.

Among the natural energizer there is pitaya, also known as dragon fruit. 100 grams of this fruit only contain 40 calories, but it is full of vitamins A, B and C, and especially vitamin B1, which turns sugar into energy for our body. Moreover, this food is also rich in mineral salts, vitamin C, calcium, phosphorus and fibers.

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