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Tired of the usual side dish? Try the grape and cucumber salad

Grape and cucumber salad

If you are looking for a side dish different from the usual, which is tasty and at the same time quick to prepare then try the grape and cucumber salad.

Raise your hand if you don’t think that the side dish is just … a side dish! We attribute minimal importance to this scope and the result is that, in time of need, we have nothing adequate in our repertoire. This is why today we want to suggest the grape and cucumber salad which, in its simplicity, really lends itself to many occasions .

What really makes this side dish so good is the addition of the cheese . You can use whatever you want but if you trust us try it with a feta (or primosale). Both will give the dish a unique flavor.

Grape and cucumber salad
Grape and cucumber salad

How to make the grape and cucumber salad recipe

  1. First wash the salad leaves and dry them. You can use the appropriate centrifuge or a clean cloth.
  2. Then transfer them to the bottom of a serving dish.
  3. Wash the cherry tomatoes and cut them into quarters and add them to the plate.
  4. Do the same thing with the grapes and the cucumbers, cutting them as you like. You can choose a seedless variety or remove them patiently before adding it to the dish.
  5. The final touch of flavor is given by the cheese . Whether it is feta or other tasty cheese, what matters is to give it flavor.
  6. Last but not least, basil : it will really make a difference with its freshness.
  7. To dress this salad we have created a citronette: pour the lemon juice , oil and a pinch of salt into a jar, close and shake well. Dress the salad just before bringing it to the table.

What do you think of our idea? You can also make it a single dish by adding croutons or customize it and enrich it according to your tastes. Also try our very light apple and celeriac salad if you love to experiment with new flavors.


Grape and cucumber salad can only be stored before adding the dressing . In fact, lemon juice could “cook” the green leaves and make them soft.

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