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Titanium toothpaste, some products may be carcinogenic


A study confirms that carcinogenic elements are present in many brands of toothpaste. Let’s find out what they are and what consequences they have on the body.

Toothpaste, the number one component of dental hygiene, may contain titanium dioxide, an element considered dangerous for the body. A team of Swiss researchers wanted to identify the presence of these particles.

In fact, it seems that they are able to cross the oral mucosa and reach the intestine or other areas of the body. Let’s try to understand what are the risks of titanium dioxide in toothpaste and what are the products to avoid.

Titanium toothpaste: the risks

Although studies show that titanium dioxide is present in toothpaste, the manufacturers say they are confident about the use of this element. In fact, the quantities of dioxide would be extremely limited and easily washable during tooth brushing. In any case, titanium dioxide is not dangerous if ingested, but only if it is inhaled.


However, it must be said that an excessive accumulation of this element in the body can lead to inflammation or, in the worst of situations, to the onset of tumors. So much so that the European Authority , while allowing the use of titanium dioxide in toothpaste, has suggested the need for further studies , especially regarding the impact on fertility and infant development.

Titanium toothpaste: the presence of dioxide

As we have anticipated, the particles of titanium dioxide contained in the toothpaste are necessary to make the paste of the products whiter. In itself, therefore, this particular compound does not enhance the cleaning effect of the toothpaste and for this reason it can be safely not used. But the thing to always keep in mind when talking about titanium dioxide toothpaste is that it is particularly dangerous for children, especially in the early stages of development.

The results of the study

The results the researchers arrived at showed that about 11 out of 14 brands contain titanium dioxide molecules. The only ones where the compound is absolutely not present are:


In any case, the only way to be sure not to use nanoparticle titanium dioxide products is to read the label carefully . In fact the only protection against the probable risks deriving from toothpastes of this type is to choose products that do not contain it.

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