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To not go overboard with food, just eat slowly: here’s how to do it


Eating slowly helps to avoid exaggerated meals, maintain a balanced diet and digest better. Find out how to do it with a simple ploy.

The key to not overdoing food is eating slowly. It helps to sense the feeling of satiety at the right time, avoiding the risk of overeating without even realizing it. If eating slowly is what you need to have a balanced diet , without exaggerated meals that risk then blowing up the following ones, the process that leads us to do this is far from simple. But there is a stratagem : let’s find out.

The benefits of slowing down with meals

As stated by several studies, the sense of satiety is generally felt after twenty minutes from the beginning of the meal. This happens because, as with most sensations we feel, that of satiety is also regulated by different signals that are received, sent and regulated by the brain .

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In the case of eating, this series of signals starts when we sit down at the table and start chewing. In particular, the brain sends signals to our digestive tract throughout the mastic arc.

In any case, it is clear that eating fast brings less benefits than eating slowly. In fact, if the sense of satiety takes about twenty minutes to manifest itself, if during this time we swallow food , gorging ourselves, we would end up eating much more than we really need, even two or three times as much , and we would realize when it’s too late.

In addition, a quick and brief chewing leads to the ingested food not being sufficiently chopped up , with the consequence that the stomach will have to work harder to digest it.

How to eat slowly: how to do it

Eating slowly is undoubtedly complicated if you are not used to it. We often try, without success. However, there is a ploy that will help you slow down your meals by decreasing portions and improving digestion.

How many of you know Chinese chopsticks , the classic sticks found in many of the restaurants that serve oriental food? Well, remove the fork and start using the latter in your daily life. Initially it may be complicated, but just a little practice and the results will be evident.

This method is based on the fact that, by using chopsticks instead of the fork to which we are so accustomed, you will not be able to create large bites, but you will have to proceed slowly and with small touches . You will consequently be able to chew better , to eat more slowly. You will immediately notice how easier it will be to digest , you will no longer exaggerate with portions and, potentially, you will also be able to lose weight without giving up .

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