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To the dentist for health, but also for dental aesthetics: what interventions are we talking about?

Woman smile

Nowadays you don’t go to the dentist only for dental care, but also to do beauty treatments related to the aesthetics of the smile.

Nowadays you don’t go to the dentist only for dental care, but also to do beauty treatments related to the aesthetics of the smile . A beautiful smile makes those who have it more easily self-confident and for this reason the person certainly manages to approach others in a more positive way, the attitude is usually more available also on the part of others. This is why dental care is not only a matter of pure aesthetics, but also of psychological health, as well as physical of course.

However, there are cases in which the beauty of a smile is affected by traumas, which create injuries to the teeth and chipping, by pigmentation anomalies, stains or streaks, or by a position or shape of the teeth that is not ideal. While these problems in themselves do not affect the health of the mouth, the aesthetic aspect naturally suffers. The most modern cosmetic dentistry takes care of obviating conditions of this type or all the issues that we could consider pure beauty of the smile.

Cosmetic dentistry: when the dentist also takes care of beauty

Woman smile
Woman smile

A good dental office usually takes care of dental aesthetic interventions in case of need, as well as the actual physical care of the problems of the teeth and the structures of the mouth . It is a branch of dentistry in which there has been a lot of news in recent years. We usually talk about treatments that are not at all invasive and not at all painful, but capable of giving immediate and extraordinary results.

If once when we talked about aesthetic interventions at the dentist we practically thought only of dental whitening, today there are many more treatments: for example, aesthetic veneers are in great demand. Still in the field of aesthetics, from a certain point of view, we could also contemplate the new techniques of invisible orthodontics : in fact we always talk about a cure for dental alignment, but in fact it is done without the aesthetics of the smile is compromised.

The main cosmetic dentistry interventions

A classic treatment required for the beauty of the teeth is that of whitening, which has been done for several years but which today knows very innovative technologies. The materials and methods have changed: even if the result is always excellent, today the health of the enamel and that of the mouth is much more protected.

After the treatment, the teeth have a wonderful but completely natural whiteness that is adjusted from client to client trying to respect personal characteristics. For a simple and quick result, only one session may be enough while for an optimal and long-lasting result, individualized night masks are preferred, but it is obvious that everything depends on the extent of the problem.

The application of dental veneers is also very popular today among aesthetic dentistry interventions. It is a very thin ceramic shell that adheres permanently to the external surface of the teeth and allows you to completely transform the aesthetics of the smile in a few appointments, and allow a high level of customization of the result according to taste. Veneers are the best rejuvenating treatment for facial aesthetics, in fact we know that teeth count more than anything in judging the beauty of a face.

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