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This vegetal food comes from soy. It is rich in proteins and beneficial properties. Let’s see how to use it in our recipes!

Tofu is a 100% vegetal food, produced from yellow soy beans. In order to make it, the juice extracted from soy is curdled. For this reason and because its texture reminds of dairy products, it is also called soy cheese.

It is very common in Asian cuisines, but it is also spreading in the Western ones, especially in vegetarian and vegan diets. It easily replaces meat, as it is rich in proteins.

Tofu: properties and side effects

This product is rich in proteins and mineral salts, especially calcium. This is the reason why it replaces meat, eggs and dairy in vegetarian and vegan diets. Moreover, it is also gluten-free, so celiacs can also eat it.

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Replacing meat and animal derivatives with this vegetal food helps keeping blood cholesterol levels under control. Furthermore, it also helps preventing heart diseases, because it is rich in Omega 3 fatty acids.

Other than calcium, tofu also contains iron, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, selenium and vitamin K. These elements are fundamental to guarantee the right functioning of our muscles, nervous system and bones.

Tofu: calories and nutritional values

This is a very light food: 100gr only contain 76 calories. Its complete nutritional values are:

– Energetic value (calories) 76 kcal

– Proteins 8,08g

– Carbohydrates 1,88 g (sugar 0 g)

– Fat 4,78 g (saturated 0,691 g; monounsaturated 1,056 g; poliunsaturated 2,699 g; cholesterol 0 mg)

– Fibers 0,3 g

– Sodium 7 mg

How to cook tofu

Cooking this food is very simple. You can eat it raw, dice it in your salad or spread it on a slice of bread. Or you can cook it to eliminate is slightly bitter aftertaste and make it tastier.

You can boil it, cook it in a pan with oil and spices, but also coat it in breadcrumbs and fry it. The latter is a very common method in Asian cuisine. You can also bake it or add it to your soups and pureés.

Photo source: https://pixabay.com/it/tofu-cibo-soia-vegetariano-1478701/

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