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Tomboyish: the new beauty trend is looking like a gentleman!

Tomboyish: the new beauty trend is looking like a gentleman!

The new trend of the moment is the Tomboyish, or the very feminine beauty look inspired by men!

In what could consist the latest beauty trend, known as Tomboyish? It is a beauty look is inspired by men. That is, real diva lips, but gentleman hairstyles. These two features distinguish the look of a man and a woman, but they meet in a very bold style.

This term means: a woman at ease in a masculine look, but who embraces her full womanliness. This fashion was launched on the last red carpet by the most followed influencers in the world and women belonging to the world of entertainment. Let’s find out in details what this style is and how to copy it.

Tomboyish: the hairstyle and on-trend look in 2018!

This trend smoothly unites the masculine and feminine look with a feminine one, making a woman charming, sensual and very chic. Kristen Stewart dared with this look more than once, but also the beautiful Cara Delevingne attended the last royal wedding with a Tomboyish look.

Cara Delevingne
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What is this look about? Starting from the hair, the haircut is often short and masculine, but hair can also be long and tied. The locks are full of gel, sometimes even with glitter, and tied in mini chignon. Both hair and make-up are very gothic.

Instead, lips are painted in deep reds or even with shades of brown and black. Sometimes the make-up is dramatic, almost like a movie one. Smokey eyes are very popular, or you can use a lot of eyeliner. The eyebrows are dark, thick and very marked.

The favourite outfit is often a total black tuxedo: jacket, classic-style black pants, and you can dare wearing a bow tie and a hat. For a very feminine touch, under the jacket you can wear a bustier or just your bra.

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