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Tortoiseshell is the new nail trend that is all the rage now and for all winter 2019. We are talking about tortoise-looking nails!

As we well know, social networks are the springboard of all the new trends, especially for beauty and make-up. This time, we talk about nail art: the latest trend is the tortoiseshell, or tortoise effect nails.

Instagram is full of photos with this perfect manicure, under the hashtag of #tortoiseshellnails. The tortoise effect is made by drawing brown, beige or black stains, with some gold to give that extra touch of light. Let’s fin out together what we are talking about.

Tortoiseshell: the latest nail art trend for 2019!

This effect is two-toned, with brown and black. However, it is not at all boring, because you can create different effects. The first one is the Short and sweet, with simple black and toffee brown stains.

Photo source: https://www.instagram.com/nailthoughts/?hl=it

The second effect is the Gold striped, in which you add gold to the spots, to give a touch of sparkle. You can even just add a golden stripe. The Tortoiseshell tips is a mix of these two effects: the tortoise colors are just on the tips of the nails, and there are golden details.

Instead, in the Tortoiseshell meets matte black, the effect alternates with nails painted in matte black. The Nude lacquer nails alternate the tortoiseshell effect with beige nail polish. Last but not least, the Gold flecked effect, which that includes the application of real gold leaf.

We already know that one of the latest nail art trends this year is animal prints nails, and tortoiseshell nail art belongs to this category. The only difference is that they are much more chic and refined.

Photo source: https://www.instagram.com/nailthoughts/?hl=it

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