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Truffle: all the benefits of the diamond of the kitchen

Truffle: all the benefits of the diamond of the kitchen

Truffle is a very fine food: it has an intense flavor and is full of benefits. Here are all its properties and how to use it in your recipes.

Truffle is a species of fungus hypogeum, which means underground. It belongs to the family of the Tuberaceae. It grows spontaneously near tree roots, especially near oaks and holm oaks. The edible part, which is commonly called truffle, is located under the ground. Its intense and persistent scent has a very specific purpose: making animals and people to unearth it, so it can spread its spores.

There are two kinds of truffle: white and black. The first one, whose scientific name is tuber magnatum, is the most refined, while the black one is more common. Italy is the first producer in the world of tuber magnatum, which grows mostly in the Piedmont, Lombardy, Emilia Romagna, Tuscany, and Umbria regions. In addition to being appreciated for its intense flavor, truffle also has many beneficial properties. Let’s see which ones.

Truffle: properties


Truffles are full of aromatic oils and vitamin C, with antioxidant properties. It also contains minerals, especially calcium and magnesium, vital for muscle and bone health, but also potassium, phosphorus and iron. It has a low calorie content, but it is high in proteins, more than meat.

Thanks to its antioxidant power, truffles can prevent certain forms of cancer, for example in breasts and in the brain. It has digestive properties and, according to rumors science has not confirmed, it seems to be a very good “natural viagra”.

Truffle is used not only in recipes, but also in cosmetics, to produce anti-wrinkle creams and to reduce acne spots and marks.

Truffles: recipes

This food is very versatile: just grate a little of it on pasta, meat and salads for an intense and particular flavor. A fine and easy-to-make dish is truffle tagliatelle pasta. The ingredients are:

– 80 grams of black truffle,

– 250 grams of tagliatelle,

– olive oil as needed

– butter as needed,

– garlic.

First, clean the truffle. Wash it under running water, brush it, dry it off and slice it with the specific truffle cutter. In a pan, drizzle some olive oil, then add a small piece of butter and a clove of garlic. Let it brown and then add the truffle slices, keeping some apart. Meanwhile, cook the tagliatelle pasta in salted water. When theys are ready, put them in the pan with the sauce and mix well. Serve it hot, adding the remaining truffle to decorate.

Truffle: price

Truffle is very expensive, especially the white one. According to its type, size and freshness, its price can vary from several hundreds to several thousands of euros per kilo.

As it is precious, it is also important to store it properly.


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