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Try the metallic make-up launched by Rihanna, perfect for the holidays!

Try the metallic make-up launched by Rihanna, perfect for the holidays!

The new metallic make-up launched by Rihanna is everywhere on social network. Moreover, it is ideal for New Year’s Eve!

The singer Rihanna launched the latest beauty trend: the metallic make-up. It is bright and bold and will make you really feel beautiful and chic. Additionally, it is ideal to show off during the New Year’s Eve party.

It is a perfect holiday make-up because of  its metallic and iridescent shades. It also gives a new light to the face. Let’s find out together how to make this fabulous make-up.

Everything about the metallic make-up and how to do it for the holidays!

Rihanna and the most famous showbiz and Internet influencers usually launch new style and beauty trends. Just as Beyoncé did by wearing grey lipstick, now it is Rihanna’s turn.

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The eye make-up is made by using jumbo pencils, which are handy and very creamy. In this way, even those who are less experienced can easily do this make-up. So do a smokey eyes make-up to highlight your gaze with metallic shades. Once applied, you can blend it with your fingers, using glittery and metallic colors.

Focused on your eyebrows: they must be full and very thick, flawlessy done with make-up or dyed. You can also choose to apply a gel or a special eyebrow mascara that matches your hair color.

Your lips must shine! They are metallic, full, and voluminous. You can obtain this effect with matte lipsticks, which do not smudge. In order to avoid smusdges, draw a line following the profile of your lips. Finally, light your cheeks up with a highlighter, especially on your cheekbones. You can overdo with this product: you will look just like the stars during their parties.

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