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Try the bay leaf essential oil to fight anxiety and stress!


The last trend to fight anxiety and reduce stress is bay leaf essential oil. You must absolutely try it!

Anxiety is a problem that affects many people in certain circumstances or in certain periods of life, for many different reasons. There are many natural remedies, treatments, or medicines that help to stop it. However, recently it has been discovered a new method to fight it, that is using bay leaf essential oil.

Some situations increase our level of stress: for example, a job interview, a test or an important meeting. Let’s find out how to use this essential oil and benefit from its properties.

Bay leaf essential oil: its properties to fight stress and anxiety!

We know very well that through the sense of smell we can act on our mind. This is due to the stimulation of the emotions, but at the same time, we can hinder some of them. Bay leaves can act on our mind fighting anxiety.

This plant is a symbol of strength and victory, but often it is also used in aromatherapy. Its purpose is to stimulate our mind to help us achieve our goals and to support personal fulfillment.

The properties of this plant can lower the levels of anxiety and stress, but not only. In fact, it help us fighting the shyness, stimulating our courage and and mental strength.


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Therefore, you can use it before an important situation. For example, it is useful for a job interview, a special meeting, an exam and all those circumstances that increase the adrenaline in our body.

Before your important event, put a few drops of bay leaf essential oil inside a diffuser at home, and breathe deeply. It is a true elixir to awaken many senses and fight your fears.

You can also apply it directly on your body, with a gentle massage. The fundamental points to massage are: wrists, the solar plexus and the feet soles.

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