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Turmeric, a powerful natural anti-inflammatory against joint pain

Turmeric, a powerful natural anti-inflammatory against joint pain

Turmeric is an effective pain reliever and a natural anti-inflammatory: let’s see how to use it against joint pain.

Turmeric is a spice widely used in Asian recipes to make tastier and easier to digest dishes. Other than having a delicious flavor, it also has many benefits, including anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving powers. This spice is excellent to naturally prevent and fight joint pain. Let’s learn everything about  its properties and how to use it.

How to use turmeric

To benefit from turmeric valuable properties, you just need to add one or two teaspoons of it to your savoury dishes, such as meat, chicken, sauces and dairy products. Mix turmeric and honey for  an even more effective pain reliever with anti-inflammatory power. Honey has natural antibiotic, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.


Making this mix is very easy: buy a jar of 100 grams of organic honey with no sugar added. Add a spoon of turmeric powder (about 10 grams) and stir well to mix all the ingredients. Store the jar in a dry place and away from heat.

Every morning, eat a tablespoon of this beneficial mix and you will immediately see improvements of your joint pain. In addition, regular consumption of honey is very good for strengthening the immune system. If you like the taste, mix a teaspoon of honey in a cup of warm milk, either cow’s or vegetable.

Turmeric properties

As we mentioned, this product is a powerful pain reliever and a natural anti-inflammatory. These properties are mainly due to the presence of curcumin. Recent studies found that this active ingredient is useful to fight joint pain, arthritis, osteoarthritis, and various inflammations.

Curcumin also has anti-tumor, cicatrizant, depurative and antioxidant properties. It is excellent to detoxify the liver, stimulate bile production and empty the gallbladder.


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