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From January, 1st 2019, Italy won’t sell and produce cotton swabs anymore. It is the first European country to adopt this measure to protect the environment!

Italy is the first European Union country to adopt a measure for the protection of the environment. From January, 1st 2019, Rome has forbidden the sale and production of cotton swabs.

From now on, Italian citizens can only use biodegradable and compostable swabs. The country is trying to reduce the consumption of plastic in order to to protect the environment, starting from something used daily.

Cotton swabs: in Italy they are banned from January, 1st 2019!

Italy is the first European Union country to take this big step, anticipating the others. Moreover, on the new packaging of the cotton swabs, there will be indications about their disposal: it will be forbidden to throw them in the toilet.

Turning green: Italy won't sell cotton swabs anymore from January, 1st 2019!
Photo source: https://pixabay.com/it/bastoni-cotton-fioc-orecchio-pulito-380838/

This is not the only forbidden plastic object. By 2021, Italy will also stop the production and sale of plastic plates, cups, straws, cutlery, and food containers. Moreover, the country will also ban balloon sticks and plastic shopping bags which are not biodegradable.

Why has the country decided to stop selling these objects? Because, according to Italian environmentalist association Legambiente, cotton swab represent 9% of the waste found on beaches. In addition to polluting, it endangers the lives of protected and non-protected animal species, which often ingest the swabs.

This is not the only initiative to protect the ecosystem of the last period. In fact in Rotterdam, the plastic in the river will be turned into a giant floating park. Moreover, the systems to clean up the seas are more and more advanced.

Photo source: https://pixabay.com/it/bastoni-cotton-fioc-orecchio-pulito-380838/

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