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Beauty addicts are going crazy for this new beauty trend: two-tone lips are chic and unconventional, perfect for spring and summer!

This is not the first time we hear about two-tone lips. This chic and fashion trend makes our makeup even more beautiful and unconventional! It’s the best way to create different looks and lighten our face.

We can use this makeup for important events, but we are sure daring people will wear it with a casual and daily look! This beauty trend is perfect on every kind of lips. Dare and choose different colors!

There are two ways to create this look: you can either use one lipstick on your upper lip and another one on your lower lip, or you can create a different shade from the outside to the inside of your lips. Let’s find out more!

Two-tone lips: how to do this makeup

Creating this look with two different colored lipsticks is easy, but you need to follow some advice. First of all, in order to highlight this particular makeup, we need to make our lips fuller.

Photo source: https://www.pinterest.it/pin/110619734568896922/

Use a pencil to underline your lip contour. Choose a darker color than the lipstick you want to apply. After having applied the two lipsticks, press your lips one to another to blend the colors!

Instead, if you want to try the second option, you need a lipstick and a darker pencil, but you can also choose a completely different color. Underline your lip contour with the pencil and apply the lipstick. Then, with a lip brush lightly blend your makeup. If you want to dare more, you can also use two different colored lipsticks!

Photo source: https://www.pinterest.it/pin/110619734568896922/

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