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Types of moles: which are the most common and how to distinguish them from each other

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Learning to distinguish the various types of moles can be a good way to carry out a very first evaluation before going to the doctor. Let’s find out which are the most common.

When it comes to skin blemishes, it is good to know that there are different types of moles to recognize. Each with very specific characteristics. Based on the color or their shape, it is possible to understand at first glance whether it is a mole to worry about or not.

Obviously this cannot and should not replace the control of the treating doctor but it is certainly a good way to keep your situation under control, noticing any changes immediately.

Types of skin moles: which ones you should know

Among all the types of moles that exist, it is not always easy to make the right distinctions.

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However, there are some basic notions that can help you not worry about every little training and, above all, to understand when a new mole needs immediate medical attention.

Beginning with benign nevi, these are usually roundish in shape and brown in color, with regular and small borders.

Elevated moles typically appear in early childhood, although in some cases they may represent a change in existing moles. If you are not alarmed, it is always good to go to your doctor for a check-up.

Then there are the so-called irregular moles that can be at risk as they are different from the classic moles and in particular from the benign ones. Also in this case it is always better to calm down by going to your doctor.

How to check for moles

It is generally a good idea to check yourself often in order to notice possible changes or new formations. In any case, an annual check-up with mapping of moles is undoubtedly the best way to take care of yourself and be aware of any risks in time.

In this way it is in fact possible to recognize the dangerous moles in the bud and opt for their removal . Definitely a useful way to prevent melanomas and tumors and to live more peacefully.

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