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Did you know that liquorice is an excellent natural remedy against coughs and stomach aches?


Liquorice root has therapeutic virtues that are widely recognised in phytotherapy. Together let’s discover all of its beneficial properties.

Who has never tried some liquorice candy? Other than being extremely appetizing, this food has notable beneficial effects for our health. An aromatic substance known since antiquity, it is widely used for its many virtues. Today it is used in cooking to give an extra touch to many dishes, but it is also used to prepare candy and herbal teas that are useful for different health problems.

The properties of liquorice

One of its most notable effects is that it is emollient and expectorant. Liquorice is used by those who suffer from coughs, colds, asthma and bronchitis. It is also an excellent antiviral and anti-inflammatory, useful in cases of flu. According to some studies, it may help the liver, especially in individuals affected by chronic liver failure.

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The effects also help the stomach. It helps digestion, fights stomach acidity and it is a cure for ulcers, from the moment that it stimulates the production of protective gastric mucus film. Liquorice also has many slimming properties: it increases the feeling of fullness and reduces hunger.

One of the main points of interest about this root is its effect on pressure. In fact, it is rich in glycyrrhizin, a substance that affects the levels of aldosterone, a hormone that regulates artery pressure, in this case increasing it. It is, therefore, an excellent remedy for those who suffer from hypotension. All you need is a liquorice candy to feel better.

Side effects of liquorice

Due to its effects on pressure, it should not be consumed by those who suffer from hypertension. More in general, glycyrrhizin increases liquid retention and helps sodium to accumulate, at the same time causing a loss of potassium. Due to this it can give water retention and swelling to the face and ankles.

Lastly, be careful to not abuse this substance due to its laxative properties. In fact, it contains mannite, which helps fight constipation. Due to these effects, it is not recommended for those who are pregnant or are breastfeeding, in people predisposed to edema and those who suffer from diabetes.

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