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Do you know that using your smartphone before going to sleep is harmful for your eyes, sleep and skin?

When we are in bed, just before going to sleep we spend some time with our phone. Facebook, Instagram or a game to facilitate sleep. It has now become a habit, and a bad one. The smartphone lights can cause several health problems to your eyes and skin.

Mobile phone in bed: eye problems

Using your smartphone while in bed is dangerous: here's why
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It is not a secret that using the smartphone for too long tires your eyes, but what happens if we stare at the screen in the dark, when we’re in bed? Researchers demonstrated a correlation between this habit and a damage of the retina, called macular degeneration.

A way to neutralize at least a part of the problem is reducing the brightness of the screen. Nowadays, all the devices offer the possibility to set a yellowish light, somewhat less “aggressive” for the eyes – even if the best solution would be to give up on your phone after dinner.

Among other things, this trick also helps to solve another problem, that of the quality of sleep. The blue light suppresses the production of melatonin, the hormone responsible for the regulation of the sleep-wake cycle. This causes disorders such as insomnia and disturbed sleep, which affect everyday life.

Your smartphone will damage your skin

But that’s not all: the above-mentioned risks were already known. Now there is another one skin problems. The blue light has negative effects on yuor face skin, which experts call skin pollution. At night, the epithelial cells undergo a renewal, which is “disturbed” by the brightness of the screen.

Moreover, it worsens the face skin imperfections: spots, dark circles and wrinkles in the first place. Actually, this is what happens to your brain, too. At night, the brain cells undergo a regeneration process, and keeping your eyes locked on your smartphone screen does not help.

The best thing to do? After dinner, turn off your smartphone and forget texts, and social networks. You will catch up in the morning. Maybe you will lose some news, but your health will improve.

Photo source: https://pxhere.com/it/photo/1195543 , https://pxhere.com/it/photo/861260

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