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Valentine’s day nail art: some romantic ideas

Valentine's day nail art: some romantic ideas

It’s time to think about your Valentine’s day nail art! You need a romantic manicure, full of hearts and perfect for this holiday!

A romantic manicure is nice all the year, but for Valentine’s day it is particularly appropriate! We have collected a few amazing ideas for this holiday nail art. It is a romantic, chic and refined manicure that you can show off in spring and summer, too.

You can choose whatever color you want and whatever size you like for the hearts. Even if it may seems difficult to do, it is not! A lot of stars and influencer have already been showing this nails off! Here are all the nicest ideas.

Many ideas for your perfect Valentine’s day manicure!

How to decorate your nails for this holiday? A very romantic manicure has dots and faded colors. You can also use some glitter!

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A very refined manicure is the one with pastel colors. You can choose light and dove-grey shades, matching them with gold or silver. You can make stripes, hearts or use strass. Your nails can be different one to another, but always in a chic way.

For a funnier and colorful manicure, you can opt for the pop up style. Apply a dark nail polish, then draw stylized hearts. Or, if you love rock music, you can choose a metal nail art. You need a black, glittery base, on which you will draw fluo hearts.

A lot of women have also decided to go for a natural base, but they used studs, little balls, glitter and other small jewels to create hearts on their nails. Now, you just have to choose the idea you like more. Remember that hearts will be the next nail trends!

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