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Valentine’s nail art: many romantic ideas for the occasion!

Valentine's Day nail art

It’s time to think about Valentine’s Day nail art and show off a romantic manicure, full of hearts and suitable for the party of lovers!

Not only do we like to show off a romantic manicure for the holiday of lovers , it’s nice to do it all year round. But we thought to collect some ideas to amaze and amaze us with regards to Valentine’s Day nail art.

In fact, nail art made with hearts is also the trend for the next hot season . It is a romantic, chic and refined manicure. Furthermore, it can be made in any color and is always fine. We can see many hearts, of all shapes and sizes. Although apparently it seems difficult to achieve it, it is not so. There are also many influencers and stars belonging to the world of entertainment who have already started showing it off. Here are all our ideas.

Lots of ideas to create a perfect Valentine’s Day nail art!

How to decorate nails for Valentine’s Day? A very romantic manicure is the one in which a dotted is made with a very delicate effect. It is a nuanced nail art , in which glitter can also be used.

Valentine's Day nail art
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The pastel-colored manicure is also very refined, in fact you can choose the light tones of dove gray , combined with silver or gold. You can make strips , hearts or use glitter , making each nail different, but with elegance.

To make a manicure more fun and colorful you can choose the pop up style . Just make a dark base on the nail and then draw colored hearts in a stylized way. Or if you are a rock lover you can opt for a metal nail art , you will have to make a black and glittery base and draw hearts with fluorescent hearts .

There are also many who decided to make a natural base and then created hearts with applications . From studs , to little balls , to glitter, real decorations as if they were jewels . You just have to decide which one to choose for the special occasion and remember that hearts will be the trend for the next hot season.

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