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Valentino Des Atelier: Valentino’s fall / winter 2021/2022 is an unprecedented art factory

Fall / winter fashion trends

Valentino and Venice, a special meeting that pays homage to fashion as an art manufacture.

An autumn / winter 2021-2022 Haute Couture collection that enhances the beauty of returning to wearing eccentric, extravagant outfits, works of art, cultural, social and political expressions, that of Valentino, which under the direction of Pierpaolo Piccioli continues to enchant , to remind us that fashion is not simply the show or wearing the dress.

The fashion show of a collection is the vision and essence of that collection, which in this case brought the maison to Venice , precisely to the Gaggiandre, two aquatic canopies from the 1500s, located in the Darsena Novissima, and where the location is further spectacular. it was also the installation “Idee di pietra-Olmo”, by Chus Martinez.

Valentino, the fall / winter 2021 fashion show in Venice: the importance of the location

On Instagram the inspections, the wait, the emotion of the maison in the show in Venice was felt not a little, and the lesson we get from it is how much in thinking about a collection, the possibility of being able to imagine and create it in a specific location, contribute to giving an even more suggestive and clear reading of creation.

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Indeed, Piccioli himself stated “Venice was part of the vision I had had from the beginning. It was the only place in the world in which to present such a collection, a context in which not to add or remove anything “. A not casual choice, because Venice with its colors, its history and its mysterious charm, were the perfect setting for a Haute Couture collection that saw the collaboration of 17 artists from all over the world, especially painters . Thus was born Valentino Des Atelier, a collection that is expressed in a choral work that combines art and fashion in a brand new factory , as the maison has pointed out.

A new experiment for the brand, which, as the creative director explained, required the orchestration of several different creative inputs: a proof that in the history of the maison adds another piece to the more experimental direction of recent years.

The suggestions of Haute Couture to copy for next winter

What can we steal from Valentino’s Autumn / Winter 2021 Haute Couture? Surely the awareness that fashion speaks, does not remain silent and speaks through shapes and fabrics of our present, more than ever about an inclusiveness that leads to the dropping of gender barriers. In fact, men and women parade, mixing and welcoming the suggestions of one and the other.

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I believe that fashion must create beauty and arouse curiosity and interest . If this happens, we see, and we go further. Fashion can be a strong political message , ”Piccioli explained. And this is how dream dresses with a tailored cut, chiffon, satin, are born, in a constant dialogue between the possibilities of art and the style of the maison, increasingly iconic but constantly looking for the new, to always provide a key to interpretation. different.

Of course, the luminous nuances should be noted: fuchsia, green and its shades, purple, pink , bright colors that make us dream of a winter in which to take back a wardrobe full of vitality, imaginative and above all courageous.

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