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Vegan lasagna with lentil ragout: must try!

Vegan lasagna

A first course of the Bolognese tradition is transformed, remaining good and tasty: let’s try to prepare vegan lasagna with lentils.

For holidays or for the classic Sunday lunch at the table, one of the most popular dishes for young and old, lasagna, cannot be missing. This time we tried making vegan lasagna, a very tasty light recipe. To prepare these veg lasagna we have prepared a vegan ragout with lentils, but alternatively it is also possible to prepare it with soy or more simply with vegetables.

Among the vegan lasagna recipes, this is definitely an easy recipe, so let’s see how to prepare lasagna for vegans.

Vegan lasagna
Vegan lasagna

Preparation of the vegan lasagna recipe

  1. For the vegan lasagna recipe, the first thing to do is to prepare the pastry . Place 250 g of flour on a pastry board and in the center add a level teaspoon of salt, a tablespoon of oil and begin to knead by pouring the water slowly.
  2. Work the mixture until you get a smooth and compact dough, then wrap it in cling film and let it rest for an hour .
  3. In the meantime, dedicate yourself to the preparation of the ragù, starting to finely chop the celery, carrots and onion. Pour them into a pan with some oil and brown them for a few minutes . Add the previously rinsed dried lentils, the tomato puree and water. Cover with a lid and cook for about an hour . Only when the lentils are cooked can you add salt and pepper.
  4. Take back your dough and divide it into several parts. With the help of a dough sheeter or a rolling pin, obtain rectangular sheets of dough with a thickness of 2 or 3 mm . Then leave them to dry on clean cloths.
  5. Meanwhile, prepare the béchamel and start by melting the margarine in a saucepan over low heat. When it is completely dissolved, sprinkle in the remaining flour and mix quickly to avoid lumps. Also add the hot milk and season with salt and pepper. Stir until it is thick.
  6. At this point you just have to compose your vegan lasagna. Take a baking tray and cover the bottom with the ragù, place the pastry and on top of the béchamel and a little more ragù. Continue in this way until all the ingredients are finished.
  7. Bake at 200 ° C for 40 minutes in a static oven.

Alternatively, if you want to prepare a vegan white lasagna, you can make it with bechamel and zucchini or other vegetables to taste . In this case, double the doses of béchamel.

Now that you have prepared and tasted this dish, we know very well that it doesn’t look like the original lasagna alla bolognese , but tell the truth… it’s not that bad!


Vegan lasagna can be stored in the refrigerator for 1 or 2 days . If you have prepared plenty of them, you can also freeze them before cooking and then defrost them in the fridge and cook them if necessary.

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