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Vegan waffles (without eggs): the perfect recipe for a light breakfast

Vegan waffles

Does it seem impossible to make waffles without eggs? No, and we show it to you with the vegan waffle recipe.

Vegan waffles , therefore without eggs, are waffles with a spongy texture and a very inviting taste. Even if the main ingredient of the classic waffles, a recipe known all over the world, is missing, you will not be disappointed by this version without eggs. You can enjoy these waffles exactly as if they were the classic ones, so with maple syrups , soy-based creams, fruit of all kinds and melted chocolate, for a truly amazing American breakfast.

Vegan waffles
Vegan waffles

Preparation of vegan waffles

  1. To prepare your vegan waffles, pour the 00 flour , granulated sugar, baking powder, vanillin and finally a pinch of salt into a large bowl.
  2. Mix all these powders well and then create a sort of conchetta in the center, where you will pour the water, the sunflower oil.
  3. With a hand whisk, go and mix the ingredients together, until they are well incorporated and the mixture is smooth, free of lumps .
  4. Place part of the mixture in the special waffle iron, and cook for a few minutes , bearing in mind that the cooking will take a little longer than that of classic waffles with eggs.
  5. Finish cooking and go on until the dough is used up.
  6. Serve your vegan waffles with fruit, creams or plain maple syrup.

If you are not vegan, here’s how to make classic waffles

ENJOY YOUR MEAL! And if you want a color more similar to traditional waffles, all you have to do is add a hint of turmeric to the dough!


These perfect breakfast treats are delicious when eaten freshly made , still crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside. If you don’t finish them, you can keep them for a maximum of 1 day in the refrigerator. We do not recommend freezing in the freezer.

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