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Do you want to try a very original breakfast? Try Vegemite, a spread cream from Australia: here are all its health benefits.

Widespread mainly in Australia and New Zealand, Vegemite is a spread cream made from yeast extract. It was born in the early 20’s, when marmite inspired the entrepreneur Fred Walker. Vegemite was created to use the waste derived from the production of beer!

What is the Vegemite?

As mentioned above, it was a food spread very common in Oceania in the first half of the ‘900. It was born because people did not want to throw away the excess yeast breweries did not use.

Vegemite ingredients are very simple: extract of beer yeast and a mix of spices to flavor. The original formula also included celery, onion, salt and other secret ingredients. What does this cream tastes like? Vegemite is salty and  does not taste so good. However, in Australia it is very common and it has become a typical product.

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Vegemite properties

Photo source: https://www.flickr.com/photos/tolomea/5997076223

Part of the incredible success of this product is due to its myth. In 1930s, the British Medical Association stated vegemite had health benefits and integrated it in the daily meals of  soldiers.

In a very short time, the cream became very popular. What are its actual benefits? Yeast is a natural source of B-group vitamins, except vitamin B12, which is mostly of animal origin. Therefore, vegemite has excellent nutritional properties and is consumed from a young age.

In particular, the B vitamins promote the development of bones and muscles. Moreover, they have an important role in the synthesis of neurotransmitters and are essential for the conversion of food into energy. This food spread can also help against fatigue and stress. Finally, it is poor in fat and calories.

How to use vegemite

It seems weird to give advice about how to use to a spread, but for people who have never heard of vegemite it can be very important. This product is a very strong seasoning and should not be consumed individually, nor in massive quantities.

Australians are accustomed from childhood to this flavor, nonetheless they consume little more than the tip of a tablespoon on a slice of  well buttered toasted bread. When you try it for the first time, be careful!

Photo source: https://www.flickr.com/photos/tolomea/5997076223

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