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Vegetal smoothies: surprising benefits with a divine taste

Vegetal smoothies: surprising benefits with a divine taste

Find out all the secrets to keep fit without giving up on flavors with vegetal smoothies: choose the right foods according to their color!

Vegetal smoothies have surprising benefits: they can actually change our way of following a diet! We know very few women like themselves just the way they are. Some of them want to lose weight, others want to gain weight, some women want to increase their muscle mass and other improve the quality of their skin.

Every person tries to improve his/herself through diet. Let’s learn about vegetal smoothies features starting from two main points: they are very tasty and also benefit our body.

Fruit and vegetable smoothies have also detox properties you should not understimate. They mainly act on our liver, kidneys, intestine and circulatory sistem. This is why you should know the main properties of every single natural product of our smoothies, without forgetting about their taste and look. The result has to be tasty, nice to see and healthy for your body. Here some advice for you!

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How to choose fruit and vegetables for your smoothies according to their colors

Let’s find out together the different food colors and their benefits:

Red fruits and vegetables have antioxidant powers and prevent tumors and cardiovascular diseases. Try red oranges, cherries, tomatoes, red pepper, strawberries, ribes, pomegranate and beets.

Yellow or orange fruits and vegetables are fundamental in the fight against free radicals, which are responsible of skin aging and some tumors. Moreover, they help creating collagen and have an important anti-inflammatory function. Among the yellow and orange foods there are apricots, peaches, pineapples, potatoes, yellow pepper, oranges and tangerines.

Purple foods help the urinary tract; moreover, they are blood thinners, prevent some vascular diseases and are rich in vitamin C and potassium. Try blueberries, grapes, eggplants, radicchio, blackberries and plums.

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Green fruits and vegetables are rich in magnesium. Moreover, they are fundamental to regulate blood pressure and to prevent coronary pathologies and arterosclerosis. Moreover, they are rich in folic acid, fundamental to prevent spina bifida in fetuses. Among the green foods there are broccoli, spinach, kiwis, peas, green apple and parsley.

White fruits and vegetables protect lungs and bone tissues, while also slowing cell aging down and promoting blood fluidification. Those foods are white grapes, garlic, fennels, bananas, cauliflowers and leeks.

Some advice to prepare detox smoothies

In order to eliminate excess toxins from our body, it is necessary to prepare detox smoothies which can balance vegetables (better if green leafed) and fruits of different colors. You can also add cereals or dried fruit, but do not replace fresh fruit and vegetables with them.

You should drink your smoothie right after you make it: in this way, you will not lose any of the ingredients’ benefits. This product will improve your blood flow while eliminating toxins, reducing cholesterol levels and reinforcing your immune system. Everything just with a tasty and colorful drink, which everyone will like!

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