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Vegetarian slimming diet: how to manage to make it work

vegetarian diet

The vegetarian weight loss diet is a way of eating in order to lose weight that is good for both those who already follow this type of diet and for those who want to purify themselves. Let’s find out how it works.

When it comes to slimming vegetarian diet means a ‘lacto-ovo-power plant designed specifically for weight loss. Like any diet, therefore, even for the vegetarian diet to lose weight it will be necessary to consume fewer calories than are consumed daily and choose foods that are as healthy as possible and aimed at weight loss. To do this, it is always good to get help from a nutritionist , so as not to risk running into deficiencies that could hurt in the long run.

Vegetarian diet for weight loss: how it works and what to eat

The vegetarian diet is a healthy and in some ways purifying way of eating as it does without meat. At the same time, it maintains a high level of protein thanks to derivatives such as eggs and dairy products that are always allowed in the diet for vegetarians.

vegetarian diet
vegetarian diet

It follows that, unless you deliberately choose cheeses rich in fats, a change of diet in this sense involves the abandonment of many fats, especially saturated fats. Which contributes to weight loss.

As for what to eat, for breakfast you can opt for sugar-free soy milk to be consumed with whole grains. Alternatively, an avocado toast will do just fine too.
For lunch you can eat a mixed salad with tofu or seitan to which you can add a slice of wholemeal bread and a fruit.
For dinner, however, you can opt for quinoa with pumpkin to accompany cheese. Alternatively, you can eat eggs and vegetables or a hummus to be enjoyed with wholemeal bread and to be paired with a mixed salad.
As for snacks, these can be based on yogurt, fruit or dried fruit.

What you need to pay attention to when following a vegetarian diet

For a vegetarian diet that does not give problems it is important to always try to get all the nutrients from food. It is therefore good to ensure that the diet is as varied as possible, including cereals (better if whole), legumes, vegetables, fruit, eggs, soy and cheeses.

For the rest, the basic rules are always the same and imply a reduction in sugars and refined cereals, the abandonment (at least momentarily) of fried foods and over-processed foods and the maintenance of a healthy lifestyle within which physical activity .

Obviously, in case of doubts, it is always better to start with the guidance of a nutritionist who, especially for those who have never eaten like this, can be very useful at least for the first few times. After all, this is a new way to eat that, if approached in the right way, could also be followed once the diet is over if you know the steps to become a vegetarian .

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