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Vegetarian zone diet: what to eat to follow it correctly

vegetarian dish

The vegetarian zone diet is a variation of the classic zone diet designed by Barry Sears. Let’s find out how to follow it and how to make the necessary changes.

Following the vegetarian zone diet proves to be a need for those who, following the Barry Sears diet, need to marry its principles with a diet free of meat and fish.
Fortunately, there are several possibilities to do this without too many problems.
So let’s find out how to organize an area-type menu in a vegetarian key in order to eat in the area by making the right substitutions.

Vegetarian zone diet: example of a weekly menu

We assume that the Zone Diet is based on the 40-30-30 principle and on the balance of carbohydrates, proteins and fats.

vegetarian dish
vegetarian dish

A vegetarian zone diet with a weekly menu can therefore be followed easily. Just change the animal proteins only with others of the vegetable type or with those granted by the vegetarian diet.
In the morning you can have soy milk with whole grains or opt for a savory breakfast with eggs or wholemeal bread and avocado.
Snacks can be based on low-fat yogurt and dried fruit . While at lunch and dinner you can eat everything that is normally part of a vegetarian diet, always remembering to insert the right blocks of macronutrients.

Regarding the vegetarian zone diet, a weekly example studied ad hoc therefore provides for the alternation of cheeses, eggs, soy and foods such as tofu, seitan or tempeh to be varied between them in order to obtain a diet rich in everything you need.

A separate topic is instead that of the vegan diet which also eliminating eggs and cheeses can become difficult and, at least in the early days, may require the help of a nutritionist expert in the area. Important aspect in order not to run the risk of experiencing anemia.

Vegetarian zone diet and recipes

Around you can find different zoned recipes and also made in a vegetarian key. Some can be found at the end of the books and others are scattered around the websites of those who follow this diet.

In any case, once you have learned the method, “zoning” a recipe is not difficult.
You just need to identify the foods to change and insert others in the right proportion . This can be done thanks to the food tables that can be found at the end of each book, online and that are also delivered by some specialized nutritionists .

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