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Veja sneakers, casual and sustainable, are the green investment of autumn, according to Kate and Meghan

Veja sports sneakers

A step into sustainability, loved by Royal ladies, Veja sneakers could be the trendiest shoes in our shoe rack.

Physically distant but sometimes close in tastes, because if Veja sneakers have begun to be talked about by also landing on Zalando, once again Kate Middleton – now an influencer and fashion icon who has sold out many times – and Meghan Markle , have given a considerable contribution to the cause. Of course, fashion, but also sustainability , a theme to which both have always been linked.

In fact, the duchesses have managed to highlight the power of this French shoe brand : a simple, casual sneaker with a daily look made in respect of the environment is the perfect alternative to competing brands that still struggle to take this step in sustainability. . A fashion choice also with a reasonable price.

Meghan Markle: her Veja sneakers also conquer Kate Middleton

The first to wear these vegan sneakers made with recycled material was Megan Markle a few years ago: white, with the V in black, her model was V-10, they accompanied her to Australia, suggesting comfort and practicality but with the aesthetic typical of a sporty chic model.

And the chic ones worn by Kate Middleton are even more so: they are the Esplar , a model with a satin V logo, chosen to also recall her pink Chloé jacket, worn for a visit to the Natural History Museum in London. The vocation of these shoes, as Kate shows us and as can be seen from the brand’s Instagram profile, is to be combined with jeans, but their versatility lends itself to betting on different casual looks .

But why did these shoes win over Kate and Meghan? Because buying le Veja means being part of a great project. In particular, the model worn by Kate recalls the name of a Brazilian NGO, which supports organic farming and small Amazon-run farms in the area.

How much do Veja vegan sneakers cost and where to buy them

Veja sneakers are also present in vegan models, and are made with natural raw materials or recycled from organic cotton and plastic bottles transformed following a tanning process that respects the environment. And their price is not higher than some models of sports sneakers from well-known brands.

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The model worn by Kate for example costs 99 euros , while the vegan models start from 145 euros and can go up to 250 euros depending on the color. The women’s collection, which can be purchased online , features models with laces but also tear-off, a real novelty that is not easily found around.

Choosing them is therefore much more than riding a royal trend, but it is choosing a pair of sustainable, versatile and comfortable sneakers that will accompany us everywhere in autumn: practical both to go to the office, for a walk or an aperitif on the fly, and for some autumn hike in nature.

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